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Leah Lawless-Smith | Color and Pattern

Date: Jan 10 - Mar 19, 2022
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Please join the Mesquite Arts Council as they welcome former MISD teacher artist's Leah Lawless Smith. "Color + Pattern" will be on exhibit from January 10 through March 19 inside the Mesquite Arts Center's chamber gallery. This space is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8 - 5 PM.

Leah Lawless-Smith explores images through a personal connection to the world. Paintings are generally based on artist connection to the world with cropped views of imagery that focus on the details rarely viewed but at a glance. By viewing a cropped section, the viewer is forced to see her viewpoint rather than the whole and miss the splendor of detail. Her imagery symbolism adds meaning and a story. Symbols reference local, state, and historical images to provoke the viewer or toy with her audience’s sense of reason. Backgrounds in the paintings are patterns and colors to help intensify feelings and emotions. The use of patterns is also used throughout the painting as visual chaos as a commentary about our society.

In the world, we live in with photography being so accessible to us and the numerous photo apps, it is a note in the history of life to create selfies and images unreal of ourselves and loved ones. Exploring temptation of self-indulgence as an art form.

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