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Mesquite Symphony Orchestra


The Mesquite Symphony Orchestra is a volunteer orchestra created to serve Mesquite and surrounding areas. The tradition of our European neighbors is for such an ensemble to exist in virtually every town, city or village. These ensembles are sources of great pride for the community and are supported by that community. The Mesquite Symphony Orchestra is unique from most of the other orchestras in the area in that it utilizes volunteer musicians. That makes it very special. We can be very proud of the fact that many fine musicians from the North Texas area have chosen to join and perform with your symphony orchestra.

Thank You

Your presence at this concert makes a valuable contribution to the growth of orchestral music and we will commit to you that we will continue to support the advancement of orchestral music for the Community of Mesquite. We value your presence and we encourage you to let us know how you enjoyed the concert.

The Mesquite Symphony Orchestra is funded in part by a grant from the Mesquite Arts Council and the Texas Commission on the Arts. The Mesquite Symphony Orchestra Association also gratefully acknowledges donations from the Communities Foundation of Texas through North Texas Giving Day, as well as media support provided by KEOM, 88.5 FM, WRR 101.1 FM, Mesquite News, Dallas Morning News, Guidelive.com, KERA's Art&Seek, Dallas Observer Calendar, TheaterJones.com, and Cooperative Arts News.


What is the age range for child and senior tickets?
  • Child tickets are for pre-teen children, ages to 12. They are 50% off of the adult rate.
  • A ticket is not required if the child sits in a lap, only if they occupy a seat.
  • Senior tickets are for our older guests 62+. They are 20% off of the adult rate.

What are the different seating types?
  • Box seats are our best seats, offering individual wooden chairs and are easily accessible for wheelchairs via the elevator.
  • Premium seats are also our best seats, offering comfortable cushioned row seats.
  • Front Orchestra seats are our first six rows nearest the stage. They offer a close up view of the orchestra.
  • Discount seats are our side upper balcony seats and may be row seats or wooden box seats.

What seats are good for wheelchairs?
We have a few spaces for wheelchairs (no seat is provided)
  • Select the end seats on row V, adjacent seats are V110 and V120.
  • AA (upper balcony), adjacent seats are AA208 and AA230.
  • All aisle side box seats are available for wheelchairs. the wooden chairs can be removed.

What seats are good for persons with limited mobility?
  • The Mesquite Arts Center has an elevator for access to the main floor and upper balcony.
  • Rows A-T have 3 steps down (Orchestra level).
  • All main floor boxes and rows U-X are on the main floor.
  • All upper balcony boxes and row AA are accessible with no steps.
  • Upper balcony rows BB-DD have one to three steps.

What is the dress code for the concerts?
  • We are glad to have you with us. Some people like to dress up, but please feel free to dress however you are comfortable.

When should I clap?
  • Some of our pieces have multiple movements. It is customary not clap between movements. The conductor will lower his hands between movements. An easy way to tell when to clap is to wait for the conductor to lower his hands AND turn around to the audience.


1527 N. Galloway Avenue
Mesquite, TX 75149

For Box Office support contact 972.816.9335
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