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Trialogue featuring Selena Dixon, Todd Camplin, and Ellen Soffer

Date: July 11 - Sept 24, 2022
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Trialogue is a show of abstract art in conversation. Each artist comes at abstraction from a different approach. These works will create a discussion that is vibrant in contrast and complementary in substance. The show will feature three of the following artists: Selena Dixon, Todd Camplin, and Ellen Soffer. Two important factors unify the works. All works employ abstract vocabulary and all works are on paper. Selena Dixon is known for her works in collage. Her work employs power color schemes and subtle lines. Dixon’s work is small but each work packs a soft punch. Each of her collages will be framed. Ellen Soffer uses dashed oil paint which gives a sense the images a sense of movement. The dashes of color also create optical mixing where the colors interact. Though her paintings are nonobjective, many people have commented that playful objects emerge. Her paintings are just a joy to behold. Each work will be presented in clean minimal frames. Todd Camplin is an artist focusing on drawing. His work takes small clusters of words or phrases a then he creates abstract images from these clusters. Sometimes, he allows the negative space to play an important role, and other times he lets the grouping of words take over the whole image. Generally, Camplin is also focused on the non-objective, but landscapes have recently begun to creep into the work. His works on paper will be displayed in minimal white frames.
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